EXO, BTS, and Ramblings about Kpop Clothes

EXO fans get a lot of heat. It seems that a lot of it is warranted, though. Fans of the Korean kpop group EXO tend to be a little crazy. I guess that fan is short for fanatic, but this fandom tends to take it a bit far. In their defense, though, I think that we should take a look at their side of things.

For one, I think EXO fans are young. I mean really young, like tweens age. 12 year olds aren’t exactly known for their emotional stability. The big difference between twelve year old of today and from 30 years ago is that they now have access to the internet, and they can be completely anonymous. Some of the dumb stuff you see online can be staggering, like an Instagram model that got attacked because an EXO member followed her. But, when you think about it, there’s a pretty high likelihood that they are just 5 year old who are honestly better at using a mobile phone than practically anyone else.

Have you ever seen a small child with a mobile phone? It’s like its second nature to them. It’s almost like how they say learning a second language is much easier when you’re very young. I think it’s like that.

So these EXO fans are really young.

Besides that, though, EXO is very mainstream. Since pretty much everybody likes them, the true diehard fans have to be a little excessive. It’s like Star Wars. The real fans that know everything about it have to kind of prove their fandom because pretty much everybody likes it now. Because their fandom is part of their identity they have to amp it up a bit. There’s more about their kpop fashion on this site.

I think the same thing is happening with EXO. They’re so popular that these kids kind of have to compete against other more casual fans to prove how much into them they really are. It’s a big part of their identity because they are so young so they can tend to get a little extreme. And, with the anonymity of the internet, they have free reign to do anything they want.

That’s my explanation anyway.

Another one of my favorite groups in BTS. It’s short for Bangtan Boys. They have a really popular song now called DNA. The fashion from that video is popular among guys and girls who wish their guys would dress like that.

I noticed something kind of interesting on a kpop fashion blog. I thought pretty much all the traffic that was coming in would be from women and this is true. What was interesting is that a lot of the women click on the mens Korean fashion when they go to the blog. The women are looking for men’s Korean clothing. Why is this? Are they looking for themselves? Their boyfriends?

Do they just like looking at the Korean male models? Or do they just like looking at the Korean fashion in all its forms. I know some girls like to wear the men’s accessories. The Korean style can be kind of unisex, too, so maybe they are looking for some korean fashion for themselves.

The kpop style is pretty cool. Kpop stars are very trendy and set the set for fashion in Korea. Actors do this too. But I see more kpop style websites than Korean actors website. Maybe the Korean clothing is easier to see in the music videos than in the movies and tv shows.

That’s why I like kpop clothing.

The outfits their wear in kpop videos is sometimes a little out there, but not always. The girls dresses are usually cute. The korean dresses are to die for and I’m planning on getting some soon. Either korean style dresses or something similar. It’s hard to find things in the Korean style here except maybe Forever 21. They have a more diversified vibe. But when you go online, you can get any dress you want!

Some of the korean clothing websites can be a little confusing to figure out. Their checkout processes can be weird or maybe I’m just not used to it. I can’t stand when they start talking about points and registering, and all that stuff. Just let me buy the clothes! I’m already confused!

Not all of them are like that, though. The actual Korean sites are probably the worst, though. I don’t know if maybe they just don’t want to sell outside of Korea, but they sure make it hard to even figure out if they’ll ship their clothing to you. Some sites I just give up on and go somewhere else because it’s so difficult to figure it out.

I guess that’s the price you pay for having access to everything. I wonder if the whole process is very intuitive for Koreans. Maybe they know exactly what to do and I’m just not used to that style of checkout.

There’s a great Korean drama now starring Choi Siwon called Revolutionary Love. He play’s a third generation rich kid who’s constantly getting into trouble. He has a grouchy friend who works for his dad’s company who is supposed to watch after him and when he doesn’t they both get a beating. It’s unusual but I have heard that nobody really knows what goes on in these family owned conglomerates in Korea. I heard NBC is going to make a TV show about it. We’ll see how that does. I didn’t know there were enough people in America that are interested in Korean culture and Chaebeols enough for this show to even be made. I guess it is.

So Siwon is always getting into trouble in this show called Revolutionary Love. I’m still not sure why this kdrama is called that. His style though is really cool. Hs’s a rich boy so he wears the latest Korean fashion. It’s winter so he has the nice overcoat and wing tip dress shoes. I love the fashion for men in Korea. Too bad you don’t get to see a lot of the cool omen’s korean fashion. The women in the show are Kang Sora who plays a girls who does part time jobs all day and is always either in a uniform or in really sloppy clothes after work. The other girl is a flight attendant, so you usually just see her in her work clothes or at home in her pajamas. Step it up ladies! You’ve got Bin Hyuk and the grumpy boy downstairs… also there the moshita cop who just moved in and is scared to talk to women apparently. Well at least his fashion is on point even when he’s not in his cop uniform.

Kpop Saturday

We had a great time singing kpop songs with Harold Pinter at the Browning Center. The Browning Center for Performing arts has long supported local artists and musicians. We were very happy to be able to continue with that encouragement last weekend for Kpop Saturday.

We had local musicians, Djs, and dancers, come out to show us their favorite kpop themed music and art. It was a big hit and families from all over the community enjoyed themselves to the fresh sound and even Kpop jokes. The fashion from Korea was great, too, as we had both traditional and modern styles. Korean fashion is a huge part of their culture, and so is music.