CBD Relieves Muscle Pain

CBD oils or capsules are the most appropriate to reduce the pain that occurs inside our bodies.

Cannabidiol, mostly known as CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the hemp sativa plant, and has enormous anti-inflammatory properties that make it possible to relieve pain in muscles and joints, as well as pain produced by various pathologies that cause inflammation in certain organs of the body.

Although its medical use has thousands of years of practice, the hemp plant, during some decades of the twentieth century, was the subject of a bad reputation due to a lack of scientific information. There was talk of its psychotropic effects, caused by one of its components (THC), which to this day is still considered a controlled active ingredient.

But research carried out in recent years has managed to understand the effect of all the other components of the plant – the non-psychoactive ones – which have multiple benefits on the body, without causing negative side effects. One of them is CBD (cannabidiol). This ingredient has been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an effective anti-inflammatory (among other benefits) that also does not generate dependence.

Proof of this has been its successful use in the pharmaceutical industry in oils and creams to relieve pain. In Switzerland and the Czech Republic alone, its use has grown by 37% in the last twelve months and demand continues to grow.

Applications of cannabidiol

Cannabidiol has several presentations with different formulas to reduce pain in different situations. For this reason, we must take into account the origin of the discomfort, whether it is superficial (in the skin), in the muscles, or internal, to make the right choice of product.


CBD oils are the most appropriate to reduce the pain that occurs inside our body, for example, belly pain, pain caused by chronic diseases such as cancer, or even pain in the joints.

The appropriate dosage of this presentation will depend on the ailment. The application in some countries is sublingual, in drops or spray. It is applied in this way so that it is quickly absorbed by the blood system and travels to the areas where it produces the most relief, without passing through the digestive system. It is also applied directly to the skin in the area where discomfort is felt.

This type of CBD is the most commonly used, due to its ease of use and the wide range of concentrations available. As with anything new, it is suggested that people trying it for the first time choose the lowest concentration (5% or 500 mg/bottle), administer a few drops, and increase the number until the desired effect is achieved. It is an activity that works better the longer you use it. Consistency like this has its rewards.

CBD creams

This is another widely used format. A good example is a Sports Hot cream, a gel composed of cinnamon oils, camphor, Uruguayan Mate extract, and Pronalen. This cream manages to produce a penetrating and pleasant heat that relaxes and soothes joints and muscles, reducing inflammation, pain, and stiffness, as well as keeping the skin hydrated and soft.

It contains 1000mg of CBD which makes it effective to reduce mild or moderate discomfort that occurs during the execution of physical activities and also as a result of an excessively sedentary lifestyle, as well as to contribute to the recovery of muscles after exercise. Who has not suffered at some point a contracture, or back pain due to a bad movement or excessive physical exercise? For these cases, it is a practical and effective solution.

Naturally, specialists recommend complementing the use of high-quality CBD creams with pain control techniques such as physiotherapy, stretching exercises, training, and improving eating habits. If you are seeking a source about CBD, visit BigEasyMagazine for further info.

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