Retrofitting an Air Conditioner

If you want to retrofit an air conditioning system in your home, keep a cool head even on hot days. Because the technology not only increases living comfort, it also increases the ability to concentrate and ensures relaxed nights. But what options do consumers have and where do the costs of an air conditioning system lie if they retrofit in the house?

The topics at a glance:

Types of modern air conditioning units
Costs for purchase and operation
Simple tips for saving electricity

Retrofitting air conditioning in the home: species at a glance

If the outside temperatures climb higher and higher in the summer, it can quickly become uncomfortably warm even indoors. The only remedy is usually the right technique. Because it shovels the heat outwards and ensures pleasant temperatures in the living rooms. If you want to retrofit an air conditioning system in your home, you have many options today. For example, there are mobile devices, permanently installable split air conditioners or simple fans with cooling function. In addition, renovators may also be able to cool with a heat pump.

Buying monoblock units and mobile air conditioning technology

Monoblock units basically work like a refrigerator or heat pump. They consist of a heat exchanger that transfers the room heat to a special refrigerant. This circulates in a closed circuit and is evaporated by the thermal energy. A compressor brings the medium to a higher pressure and temperature level so that it can dissipate heat to the outside. This usually works via a second heat exchanger. This transfers the energy carried by the refrigerant to the air and then directs it to the outside. This is usually possible via hoses that lead to the outside through an opening in the wall or a slightly opened window.

If you want to retrofit with Escondido on your air conditioning system in your home, the Monolock devices are a cheap and easy to install solution. However, the noise of the systems is a disadvantage. If the hoses lie in open windows, a lot of outside air also enters. This is very warm in summer, increases the cooling load and thus causes an increase in running costs. This is true even if the units themselves work very efficiently.

Retrofitting a modern split air conditioning system in your home

Split air conditioners offer an alternative. These work exactly like the mobile devices. However, they consist of an external and an internal unit, which eliminates the annoying hoses in the windows. While the indoor unit contains only a fan and the heat exchanger required to evaporate the refrigerant, all other components are housed in the outdoor unit. Both can be connected via slender pipes that run through two thin holes in the outer wall.

If you want to retrofit a split air conditioning system in your home, you benefit from quiet and efficient systems. A particular advantage is that, with the appropriate design, several indoor units can even be connected to one outdoor unit. In this way, homeowners can cool several rooms in summer with just one system. In winter, this partly functions as a heat pump, so that the respective rooms can even be heated with the technology.

Air conditioners without hose as an inexpensive alternative

If consumers want to retrofit a low-cost air conditioning system in their home, they can also opt for fans with cooling function. These consist of conventional fans equipped with a water tank and an evaporation mat. Once in operation, the units push air through the humidified mat. The water evaporates and consumes energy from the environment. The result: the air flowing through cools down and then provides pleasant temperatures in the room. To increase performance, consumers can also fill the tank with ice cubes or freezer packs. Once all the water has evaporated, the cooling capacity drops to zero and the units act like a conventional fan. The advantage of the systems is low purchase and electricity costs.

But beware: If you want to retrofit an air conditioning system in your home, this variant brings a lot of water into the air. In extreme cases this can lead to moisture damage such as mould in the home.

Cooling with a heat pump after renovation

If consumers are planning energetic renovation and would like to retrofit an air conditioning system in their home, they can also opt for a heat pump. Because also this can temper the house in the summer pleasantly. This can be done actively via the cooling process or passively via the cool water from the ground. More in the article Heat pump air conditioning .

Costs for air conditioners for purchase and consumption

Retrofit air conditioning in the house. This provides a lot of comfort and pleasant room temperatures on hot summer days.

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